Equipex PLANEX Orléans

Experimental Planet: In-situ analyses and simulations under extreme conditions
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Engineers and PhDs

For Equipex projects submitted at PIA1, it was not allowed to recruit either PhD or Master for the setting up of the instruments, so only research engineers (RE) have been employed to that end. In addition an assistant engineer (AE) has been also hired for a 1-year term. The corrresponding details are listed below :

Funded by EQUIPEX

Patrick Jacquet, RE at LPC2E, in charge of the setting up of the IHPV coupled to a sampling and dilution device of fluids/gases and their subsequent IR and high resolution laser analyses. (April 2013-Marsh 2015). His contract was then extended for two additional years via the labex VOLTAIRE.

Johan Villeneuve, RE at ISTO, in charge of the setting up of the reactive tranfert vessels (May 2013 – Marsh 2015).

Ibrahim Chiboub, RE at GREMI, in charge of the setting up of the an RX imaging system coupled to one of the transparent vessels (December 2013-September 2017), extended by 1 year with the labex VOLTAIRE

Pierre Alexandre Bertrand, RE at Institut Néel, in charge of the upgrade toward higher P-T conditions of the transparent IHPV currently used on the FAME beam line of ESRF (May 2014-April 2016).

– Quentin Thibault, AE at ISTO for the upgrade of the Paterson press and installation of the Griggs apparatus (September 2013-August 2014), extended for 2 additional years via the labex VOLTAIRE, shared with the Ar/Ar platform

Funded by other projects

  1. Jacques Précigout, post-doc on ERC RHEOLITH/Labex VOLTAIRE, scientific responsible of the installation of Griggs press (5 years, ends in 2017) assisted by Pr. Olger Stunitz (50%ISTO-50% Tromso Univ, funded by Labex VOLTAIRE since january 2016), one of the world leading expert of Griggs press.
  2. Nicolas di Mattia, Engineer on ANR INTERVOL (G. Iacono Marziano, july 2014–june 2016) expert on gas pressure vessels.

The following PhDs have used or are using PLANEX equipments:

  1. Gabriel Coehlo, Experimental constraints on permeability-porosity relationships in the oceanic crust (funding MRT (French Ministery of Education), ended in december 2013) (M. Pichavant, L. Arbaret, S. Sizaret).
  2. Mikael Laumonier, Experimental simulation of magma mixing at high pressure (funding MRT, defended in May 2013), Laurent Arbaret and Bruno Scaillet.
  3. Leslie Gadenne, rheological behaviour of sediments in subduction zones and related earthquakes (funding MRT, Hugues Raimbourg, defended in Marsh 2015).
  4. Leila Hashim, experimental constraints on the conductivity of partly molten and deforming systems (funding MRT, defended in June 2015, ERC ELECTROLITH, F. Gaillard)
  5. Colin Fauguerolles, Experimental constraints on the production of H2 during serpentinisation (funding MRT, september 2011-may 2016, M. Pichavant)
  6. Alireza Ebrahimi Yekta (since september 2013): Experimental constraints on hydrogen storage and transport in geological formations (funding 50% BRGM – 50% U. Orléans, M. Pichavant-P. Audigane).
  7. Hao Li (september 2012-december 2016): IR emissivity of phonolitic liquids at 1 bar (P. Echegut-J. Andujar). Collaborative work between CEMHTI and ISTO.
  8. Aurélien Rabillard (october 2012- , funding ERC RHEOLITH) : Experimental deformation of partially melted sediments (L. Arbaret, L. Jolivet)
  9. Claudie Hulin (september 2014-): Coupling between mechanic and geochemistry in non saturated porous media  and implications for the pressure of cristallisation and capillarity phenomena (funding labex VOLTAIRE, L. Mercury-ISTO, P. Simon-CEMHTI) via IR-Raman and Brillouin spectroscopies.
  10. Alexandra Kushnir, (september 2012 – april 2016): Transition explosive-effusive of volcanic eruptions: Expérimental determinantion of magma permeability with the Paterson press,  (grant MRT, within the framework of ANR DOMERAPI, C. Martel).
  11. Clément Ferraina (september 2014-september 2017): Metal partitioning between fluids and melts (grant Région Centre, within the framework of ANR JC INTERVOL, G. Iacono-Marziano).
  12. Emanuela Gennaro (september 2014-marsh 2017): Role of volatils on sources and processes on Etna basalts (funding Gvt Italian+French embassy in Italy, G. Iacono Marziano)
  13. Nolwen Le Gall (september 2012-november 2015). Degassing of basaltic melts (funding FP7 VUELCO, M. Pichavant).
  14. Morgane Rondet (september 2016-): Halogens behaviour in silicate liquids (Cl, F) : experimental approach and thermodynamic modelling (funding MRT, ISTO-CEMHTI-I.Néel : spectroscopies IR/Raman/RX in-situ, B. Scaillet)
  15. Nicolas Mansard (september 2016-) Grain size reduction and softening in deforming two phase assemblage : experimental and field constraints (funding région Centre, Griggs and Paterson instruments, ISTO, H. Raimbourg and O. Stunitz)
  16. Elena Skuratova (september 2016) Heating of water in porous media: spectroscopy and thermodynamic approaches (september 2016-) (funding région Centre, ISTO-CEMHTI : Raman and IR in-situ) (L. Mercury, P. Simon)